Minimum weight

Minimum weight

How light may be the smallest weighing object in which your balance still provides accurate and reliable measurement results? Where exactly is the Limit?

The minimum weight protocol shows the determined minimum weight of your measuring device at its location of use with the relative measurement uncertainty. This is possible for various safety factors and required weighing accuracy (process accuracy) depending on the normative or quality-related demands on the used balance.

The higher the safety factor, the higher the safety in the use of the scale in a specific process. Typical interference in the use of the Balance, e.g. small temperature fluctuations are taken into account. In estimable conditions in a professtional use Environment KERN recommends a safety factor of 3. For critical processes, a correspondingly higher factor should be selected.

The minimum weight protocol includes both a graph as well as a table from which the process responsible can read off the minimum weight for the balance.


The user defines as requirement for its Balance a process accuracy of 1%. In a self-selected safety factor of 1 the minimum weight would be according to the table 0.0098 g. In the same process accuracy but with a safety factor of 5 it should weigh no load below 0.0491 g on its scale.