Installation and testing

In the section "Installation and Testing" you can select accessories and services for your instrument according to your accuracy requirements.

How does it work?

In the upper area you can set the desired accuracy level and the postcode of your location of installation/use:

The system will suggest a selection of options for your individual settings to best install, adjust, test or qualify your device. It is also suggested that you have this carried out on site by our team.

You can fold out one or more options and add the desired components as accesories to the shopping cart.

Achieved accuracy

For proposals for test and calibration weights, the "achieved accuracy" is indicated.

If, for example, you use a test weight for adjustment, the achieved accuracy depends on the nominal value and accuracy class of the weight. The more accurate the weight, the more accurate the adjustment of your balance (within the accuracy class of the balance display).

The percentage given is intended to provide an estimate of the accuracy to be achieved by the mass comparator and thus of the most important component of the measurement uncertainty of your sample weight.

A DAkkS calibration gives you a comprehensive statement about the accuracy of your balance.

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