Temperature calibration of moisture analyzers

To ensure the comparability of results of moisture determinations, the compliance of the correct temperature in the heating chamber and thus the sample is decisive. Over time deposits or soiling can reach the boiler room and falsify the measurement results. Regular calibration of temperature is therefore necessary.

The in the calibration certificate indicated temperature calibration set is installed by the manufacturer disclosures in the heating chamber, which is cooled to room temperature, and seales this. The heating chamber of the moisture analyzer will be heated with the specified heating profile to the respective test temperature (setpoint). After the stated time, the display of the temperature calibration set is evaluated.

Every electronic measuring device will only give correct results if it is checked regularly, i.e. calibrated correctly and adjusted when required. An electronic measuring device is only a reliable measuring and checking tool if it is calibrated and this calibration is documented as part of a quality procedure.
We are pleased to offer you the factory calibration of the temperature of moisture analyzers in our ultra-modern laboratory within fastest processing times (4 working days).

Content of the calibration certificate

At the following you will exemplary see a details of the taken values. You will find the complete sample certificate here.

Pricing summary

The prices for the calibration of the temperature of moisture analyzers are as follows:

KERN Description Price € excl. of VAT
ex works
964-305 temperature calibration moisture analyzer
(current range KERN)