The ideal test weight

Selection of the ideal test weight

Quality of the test weight

A balance can never be more accurate than the test weights used to adjust it, it all depends on its tolerance.

Accuracy of the test weight

Should correspond to the readout [d] of the balance, or rather be better.

Nominal weight value

This is shown in adjust mode "CAL" in the balance display. Given a choice, the heaviest weight is the most suitable for accurate measurement. The weight value should be more than 80% of the maximum weighing range of the balance. Once accuracy and nominal weight value are specified, the suitable test weight is selected according to the tolerances of the accuracy classes E1 . M3.


Balance with weighing range [Max] 2000 g (2 kg) and readout [d] 0,01 g (10 mg)


E1 test weights are recommended. Depending on the safety requirements, E2 test weights with a DAkkS calibration certificate will also be sufficient.