The ideal test weight

Selection of the ideal test weight

Quality of the test weight

A balance can never be more accurate than the test weights used to adjust it, it all depends on its tolerance.

Accuracy of the test weight

Should correspond to the readout [d] of the balance, or rather be better.

Nominal weight value


This is shown in adjust mode "CAL" in the balance display. Given a choice, the heaviest weight is the most suitable for accurate measurement. The weight value should be more than 80% of the maximum weighing range of the balance. Once accuracy and nominal weight value are specified, the suitable test weight is selected according to the tolerances of the accuracy classes E1 . M3.


Balance with weighing range [Max] 2000 g (2 kg) and readout [d] 0,01 g (10 mg)

except for analytical balances (readability [d] ≤ 0,1 mg)

E1 test weights are recommended. Depending on the safety requirements, E2 test weights with a DAkkS calibration certificate will also be sufficient.

Safety Sets

All the security you need!

"KERN Safety Sets" which have been specially developed and put together and contain the right test weights to test and monitor your balance. This "KERN Safety Set" contains one test weight for testing the upper end of the weighing range of your balance and one test weight for testing the lower end. As an option, the "KERN Safety Set" has space for another test weight, for testing your balance at a weight which is relevant for you. Useful accessories which have been selected to suit that particular "KERN Safety Set", such as, for example, special gloves, tweezers, weight grips, brushes, etc. will assist you in handling your test weights properly. Stores in the practical protective case next to your balance, you can check and ensure the high precision of your balance at any time.

You can find our "KERN Safety Sets" here.

Marking - never lose track again!

With the large variety of test equipment used then it is essential that they are identified accurately. We can help you with this and can mark, etch or engrave your weights to your specifications. Whether it's letters, numbers, your logo, barcodes or something else - it's your choice.
We also mark your weights already in use during recalibration or independently of it.
If you have any questions or need a quotation, please contact us:

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