Factory calibration of material thickness meters

In cases, when the walls of the item to be measured are not accessible for traditional calliper gauges, the ultrasonic measuring equipment can be used.
This measurement is based on the following principle: Ultrasonic waves are directed onto one side of the material to be measured. They move with a defined speed through the material and are reflected on the other side. The measuring device measures the time requires to do this and with this, calculates the thickness of the material.
In this way the wall thickness of, for example, ship's hulls, pipes, tanks and components in sites of machines can be determined.
Ultrasonic measuring equipment can be used to measure all hard and homogeneous materials, such as metal, glass and hard plastics. This method cannot be used to measure materials such as concrete, asphalt or wood.

Every electronic measuring device will only give correct results if it is checked regularly, i.e. calibrated correctly and adjusted when required. An electronic measuring device is only a reliable measuring and checking tool if it is calibrated and this calibration is documented as part of a quality procedure.

We are pleased to offer you the factory calibration of material thickness gauges (ultra sound or testing blocks) up to 300 mm in our ultra-modern laboratory withing fastest processing times (4 working days).

Content of the calibration certificate

At the following you will exemplary see a detail of the taken values. You will find the complete sample certificate here.

Pricing summary

The prices for the calibration of material thickness gauges are as follows:

KERN Measurand Measuring range

Price €
excl. of VAT
ex works

961-113 Wall thickness
(ultra sound)
≤ 300 mm
(in stainless steel)
961-114 Wall thickness
(test blocks)
≤ 300 mm 198,-
Additional services    
962-116 Calibration express service DAkkS
with 48 hour delivery
(only on new purchases)