Factory calibration of length measuring devices

Measuring geometric characteristics is one of the most common tests when carrying out material testing. The most well-known tool is the calliper gauge or the micrometer gauge (micrometer).
Very often, the issue of material testing relates to a force which is exerted in connection with a specific deformation, i.e. expansion or compression of the test item.
In these cases, the force must be measured of recorded in relation to the distance travelled by the test item during the test.
Integrated calliper gauges serve to capture this distance. They are typically fitted in test stands, machines or plant.

Every electronic measuring device will only give correct results if it is checked regularly, i.e. calibrated correctly and adjusted when required. An electronic measuring device is only a reliable measuring and checking tool if it is calibrated and this calibration is documented as part of a quality procedure.
We are pleased to offer you the factory calibration of length measuring devices for the measuring range 0 - 300 mm in our ultra-modern laboratory within fastest processing times (4 working days).

Content of the calibration certificate

At the following you will exemplary see a detail of the taken values. You will find the complete sample certificate here.

Pricing summary

The prices for the calibration of length measuring devices are as follows:

KERN Measurand Measuring range

Price €
excl. of VAT
ex works

961-150 Length ≤ 300 mm 159,-
Additional services    
962-116 Calibration express service DAkkS
with 48 hour delivery
(only on new purchases)