Calibration of torque wrench testing devices

The torque is very important in all areas of the industry, e.g. at the bias of the screw connections. If the torque is considered inncorrect, serious consequences for the entire process can be the result. 

Therefore, reliable tools such as torque wrenches are indispensable. These can be checked regularly with calibration devices for torque wrenches and other Tools. Tools such as torque wrenches, electric hand and cordless drills can quickly and directly be tested - also on site.

KERN offers the calibration of these devices with full scale values in the range of 1Nm to 200Nm. By using Lever-mass-Systems a direct and thus high-precision generating of the rated torque is possible. It also simulates the bending moments occuring in practical use correctly.

During calibration the manufacturer or customer tolerances are checked and re-adjusted if desired. The conformity of the tolerances is confirmed in the calibration certificate.

Every electronic measuring device will only give correct results if it is checked regularly, i.e. calibrated correctly and adjusted when required. An electronic measuring device is only a reliable measuring and checking tool if it is calibrated and this calibration is documented as part of a quality procedure.

We are pleased to offer you the factory calibration of Sauter torque wranch testing devices for the measuring range of 1 Nm to 200 Nm in our ultra-modern laboratory within fastest processing times (4 working days).

Content of the calibration certificate

At the following you will exemplary see a detail of the taken values. You will find the complete sample certificate here.

Pricing summary

The prices for the calibration of torque wranch testing devices are as follows:

KERN Measurand Preis € excl. of VAT
ex works
961-120 Torque 2 bearings 225,-