Factory calibration of coating thickness meters

Measurement of coating thicknesses is known from, for example, the paint measurement for coating thickness at cars. In fact, these measurements are used much more widely in industrial applications. This is where the thickness of the surface finish is measured, such as galvanisation, zinc coating etc, or also lacquers.

Fundamentally there are two measuring principles for determining coating thickness:

Typ F: Non-magnetic coatings on magnetic metals, such as iron or steel (magnetic induction principle). Here are some sample material combinations:
aluminium, chrome, copper, rubber, lacquer on steel, iron, alloys, magnetic stainless steel

Typ N: Non-magnetic coatings on non-magnetic metals, such as aluminium (eddy current principle). Here are some sample material combinations:
lacquer, paints, enamel, chrome, plastics on aluminium, brass, sheet metal, copper, zinc, bronze

Typ FN: All coatings as for type F and N on all metals as for type F and N (combination of magnetic induction and eddy current principle

Every electronic measuring device will only give correct results if it is checked regularly, i.e. calibrated correctly and adjusted when required. An electronic measuring device is only a reliable measuring and checking tool if it is calibrated and this calibration is documented as part of a quality procedure.
We are pleased to offer you the factory calibration of coating thickness meters for the measuring range of up to 2000 µm (F, N or FN) in  our ultra-modern laboratory within fastest processing times (4 working days).

Content of the calibration certificate

At the following you will exemplary see a detail of the taken values. You will find the complete sample certificate here.

Pricing summary

The prices for the calibration of coating thickness meters are as follows:

KERN Measurand Measuring range

Price €
excl. of VAT
ex works

961-110 Coating thickness meter

≤ 2000 µm
F or N

961-112 Coating thickness meter ≤ 2.000 FN 225,-
Additional services    
962-116 Calibration express service
with 48 hour delivery
(only on new purchases)