13/06/2023 - Delays in order processing of weights

Unfortunately there are currently delays in the order processing of weights [continue...]

25/05/2023 - Telephone line malfunction


16/03/2023 - Selectable language combination for DAkkS calibration certificates

From now on, first and second language can be selected in the DAkkS calibration certificate. [continue...]

23/02/2023 - Order form as fillable PDF

The order form is now available as a fillable PDF. [continue...]

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Success story - more than 170 years

8 family generations make KERN the oldest precision scale manufacturer in Germany.

Not only the wide range of products around the metrology records KERN as a reliable partner, but also since 1994 by DAkkS accredited, ultramodern laboratory. Best equipment and a high degree of automation allow the DAkkS / DKD calibration of balances and test and factory calibrations (ISO) of force gauges - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Besides calibration, we also take care of the recalibration of your balances and weights (E2 - M1). To obtain measurement technology and testing services from a single source - quickly and accurately.

Other benefits and services available can be found on this page to discover.