Equipment qualification

Qualification of a balance

The equipment qualification (also called system qualification) checks whether the technology used in the device is suitable for their intended asks and can be used. It is determined whether a balance for a particular process meets the necessary accuracy requirements. In a complete equipment qualification following points are dealt with:

DQ: The Design Qualification are all requirements to which you rely on as a user defined. The purchase decision will be made after fundamentals of design specifications and the available Equipment. Through a careful selection in the DQ to subsequent defects can prevent.

IQ: The Installation Qualification takes place here once for delivery and commissioning of the unit. The device is installed by the supplier or user in accordance with the requirements of the IQ. The documentation is in an equipment log.

OQ: The implementation of the Operational Qualification review the general functioning. Documentation is also in equipment logbook. In the OQ are established as a result also calibration intervals, maintenance and cleaning requirements. This item is recommended to arrange with a maintenance contract.

PQ: In the Performance Qualification, the device is tested in real workflow by specifying a PQ plan. Evidence of compliance of the required services or the system suitability and functional tests in the context of other devices in the system, or tests using test patterns are documented. After successful PQ the Equipment is released for laboratory use.

KERN offers this qualification concept in Germany. This validation services by KERN are accompanied by a DAkkS calibration certificate and be carried out by employees of our calibration laboratory at the location of use.

Would you like to carry out equipment qualification yourself? We offer our e-training "Equipment qualification" for this purpose. You can find more information in our flyer. There you can also register directly for the next e-training.

Qualification of KERN:

The KERN Calibration Laboratory has been accredited since 1994 and is authorized to issue DAkkS calibration certificates. The accreditation number is D-K-19408-01-00. All local qualifications are performed exclusively by this specially trained staff, thus ensuring the highest quality Level.

The rapidity of KERN:

By ordering a new unit it will be delivered within 24 hours by parcel service. Optionally, the delivery can also be combined with the date of qualification - this is done in consultation with the users of the scale within a few days.

More advantages of using KERN on-site calibration:
  • Within the nationwide network of on-site DAkkS calibrations a continuous monitoring device can be ensured in an efficient way
  • calibration and maintenance contracts can be adjusted and agreed individually 
  • Product range: Due to the wide range of equipment for weighing in laboratory, industrial, food processing and medical KERN can professionally cover every need for scales

Use our on-site calibration service as test equipment detection for metrological traceability to national and international standards. This is your foundation for an excellent meet the increasing requirements of the standards.